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Collections of Idriess works

The National Edition (1939 and 1941)



This collection was first published in 1939 and again in 1941.


From a collector's viewpoint, there are a few points to make:



1. The covers of the 1939 collection are in 2 states – green half-morocco covers and green cloth covers. I am unable to tell you which came first - does anyone have any further information? The books in the cloth covers are smaller then those in the half-morocco covers.


2. In the 1939 collection, 2 of the volumes were actually dated 1938 - these are The Desert Column and The Yellow Joss. Why Angus & Robertson chose to mark Volumes 3 and 7 as 1938 and the others as 1939 remains a mystery.


3. The 1941 collection came in at least 3 different covers - green buckram-covers, green crocodile-grained covers, and some in multicoloured covers (green, blue, and cream).  No priority has been established for the covers - but does anyone have a view about this? 


4. Both the 1939 and 1941 editions have the gold kangaroo emblem on the front cover. I am told that the 1941 books are slightly smaller than the 1939 books.


The National Edition consisted of:


Volume 1 Lasseter’s Last Ride

Volume 2 Flynn of the Inland

Volume 3 The Desert Column

Volume 4 Men of the Jungle

Volume 5 Gold-Dust and Ashes

Volume 6 Drums of Mer

Volume 7 The Yellow Joss

Volume 8 Man Tracks

Volume 9 The Cattle King

Volume 10 Forty Fathoms Deep

Volume 11 Over the Range

Volume 12 Madman’s Island


Guide to Current Values 


1939 Complete Set -  Very Good $450 - $650

1941 Complete Set -  Very Good $400 - $600


National Ed
The Frontier Edition (1951-52)


This collection of Idriess’ works was published in 1951 and 1952 and was issued in a limited run of 1000 copies.

Volume 1 only (Lasseter's Last Ride) was signed and numbered.  

The set originally contained 18 titles – 6 others were added later. All of the books are in red cloth with black title label on spine and author's signature in facsimile in gold on black to front.


The Frontier Edition consisted of:


Vol 1   Lasseter’s Last Ride 

Vol 2   Flynn of the Inland 

Vol 3   The Desert Column 

Vol 4   Men of the Jungle 

Vol 5   Gold-Dust and Ashes 

Vol 6   Drums of Mer

Vol 7   Man Tracks 

Vol 8   The Cattle King 

Vol 9   Forty Fathoms Deep 

Vol 10 Over the Range 

Vol 11 Lightning Ridge 

Vol 12 The Great Boomerang

Vol 13 In Crocodile Land

Vol 14 Isles of Despair

Vol 15 Stone of Destiny

Vol 16 One Wet Season

Vol 17 The Wild White Man of Badu 

Vol 18 Outlaws of the Leopolds 


Titles added later - The Red Chief, Back O’Cairns, Coral Sea Calling, The Vanished People, The Nor’Westers, The Silver City


Guide to Current Values 

Complete Set (18 volumes) -  Good $300 - $600. 

Frontier Ed
Gems From Idriess (1949)

From the publisher's 'Junior Library of Australian Books' series, pages [xi] plus 148 with text illustrations, a collection of Idriess extracts published for schools.


Publishing - Angus & Robertson. 1st edition 1949, 2nd ed 1951


Book - Pictorial boards


Dust Wrapper - No dustwrapper was issued.


TitleVerso - "First printed 1949"


Guide to Current Values 

1st Edition -  Good  $50 - $80.

Best Of
The Best of Idriess (1973)

A collection of 8 of Idriess’ works.  


Lasseter’s Last Ride

The Cattle King

Flynn of the Inland

Forty Fathoms Deep

The Desert Column

Lightning Ridge

Drums of Mer

The Red Chief


Publishing - Discovery Press, published 1973


Book - bound in leatherette, brown boards with a gilt text and gilt patterned front with red ribbon marker.


Dust Wrapper - None issued.


TitleVerso - ?


Guide to Current Values 

Complete Set of 8 volumes -  Good $200 - $400. 

Ion Idriess's Greatest Stories (1986)

A 2-volume set in a cardboard slip cover, with a copy of Lasseter's Diary.


Volume 1 - 'Of Miners and Soldiers' contains The Silver City, Lighning Ridge and The Desert Column.


Volume 2 - 'Heroes of the Outback' contains The Cattle King, Flynn of the Inland and Lasseter's Last Ride.


Publishing - Angus & Robertson, published 1986


Book - .


Dust Wrapper - None issued.


TitleVerso - ?


Guide to Current Values 

Complete Set of 2 volumes with Diary -  Good $30 - $70. 



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